PROFILOAD — a modern on-board weighing system for frontal, telescopic, forklifts, excavators, garbage trucks, freight transport, and quarry equipment.

This equipment is designed to measure the load weight in a bucket or on forks of various handling equipment, as well as to determine the axial loads and the total weight of trucks and quarry equipment.

PROFILOAD, the on-board weighing system, combined with an affordable price and wide functionality, can become an inexpensive alternative to motor-truck scales and rail weighbridges.

Key features

  • weighing in motion

  • maximum measurement error ± 0.1 … 1%

  • automatic summation

  • target loading mode

  • dosage mode

Delivery set of on-board weighing system PROFILOAD

On-board monitor PROFILOAD

The body of the on-board monitor is made of durable aluminum, which eliminates possible mechanical damage to electronic components. Plug/socket connectors protect electronic components from dust and moisture. The bright LCD display allows you to see the weighing results even under direct sunlight.

For ease of use, a rigid swivel arm is supplied with the monitor to fix the monitor in the cabin and choose the optimal operating position.

Main functions of the on-board monitor PROFILOAD

  • weighing in motion

  • displaying of the current weight in the bucket

  • summation of the weighing results

  • target loading mode (loading to a targetted weight)

  • dumping mode (dosing)

  • pause mode

  • presetting 20 types of products

  • presetting 20 operators

  • presetting 100 clients

  • continous load up to 15,000 tons

Loader arm position sensor

The loader arm position sensor and counter plate are made of hard steel. Electronic components are located in a protected, sealed case, preventing dust and moisture from entering into the instrument part of the position sensor.

Due to the sturdy case and a rigid metal rail, the instrument part is protected from weather factors and damage occurring due to the ingression of hard rock.

Pressure sensors

Two pressure sensors are installed in the loader’s hydraulic system, measuring the readings as the boom is lifted dynamically without stopping.

The sensors’ case is made of durable stainless steel with sealed joints that prevent dust and moisture from entering the instrument part of the case.

Application area


On-board monitor

Pressure sensors

Position sensors

Additional features of the PROFILOAD weighing system

On-board weighing system PROFILOAD with a gsm-modem PROFIGSM for data transfer to the online service PROFIONLINE and a receipt printer PROFIPRINT.

The transfer of data to a personal account allows controlling the shipment of material anywhere in the world where there is Internet access, and printing receipts directly in the cab of the loader allows automating the process of shipment and accounting of materials on the spot. The PROFILOAD weighing system can also be easily integrated into various monitoring and dispatching systems at enterprises, such as Wialon, Omnicomm, and other Glonass systems.

About Us

The LLC «SCALE ROSTOV» company is the developer and manufacturer of the PROFILOAD on-board weighing system.

We carry out the full cycle of producing these items from software development to the assembly of the system’s structural elements.

The sale of our products is carried out both in standard configuration and with modified software for the needs of specific customers, taking into account their requirements and wishes.


Наша компания предлагает своим клиентам услугу аренды бортовых систем взвешивания PROFILOAD.

  • В аренду предоставляется максимальная комплектация бортовой системы взвешивания, оснащенная принтером для печати чеков и GSM-модемом для передачи данных в личный кабинет PROFIONLINE
  • Арендатору предоставляется возможность удаленного контроля с ПК, планшета или телефона за отгрузками через личный кабинет сервиса PROFIONLINE
  • Все гарантийные обязательства, за исключением преднамеренной порчи товара, несет Арендодатель
  • Возможность аренды на срочные объекты, без необходимости существенных денежных вливаний.

Предложение по аренде действительно для представителей Южного Федерального Округа





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