Modern on-board weighing system for freight transport with leaf springs and air suspension. Maximum simplicity and low price combined with modern weighing technologies make the AXISLOAD weighing system an indispensable tool for solving basic tasks related to weighing and accounting for materials transported on public roads. The AXISLOAD system is equally suitable both for preventing the overloading of vehicles and for measuring the loads on each axle of the vehicle and its total load.

The system consists of sensors installed on each spring of all truck axles or in the pneumatic system and the AXISLOAD application installed on a smartphone. For more than 7 years, our company has been producing on-board weighing systems for various equipment, which are successfully operating at many enterprises. The systems must be as reliable and durable as possible, with strict adherence to the declared metrological characteristics. In this regard, non-contact inclinometer sensors were used in this system to exclude the physical impacts of the inevitable deformations of the metal of the main suspension units of vehicles and the absence of their influence on the process and measurement accuracy. The installation of the AXISLOAD axial overload system does not entail any structural changes to the vehicle’s suspension, including the absence of welding and sheet metal work during the installation of sensors. The sensors are fastened employing a special industrial adhesive base with subsequent fixation with steel clamps.

The main features of the AXISLOAD system:

    • loading display of each axle and gross vehicle weight
    • summation of the weighing results
    • during the installation process, no structural changes are made to the suspension of vehicles
    • user-friendly interface

About Us

The LLC «SCALE ROSTOV» company is the developer and manufacturer of the PROFILOAD on-board weighing system.

We carry out the full cycle of producing these items from software development to the assembly of the system’s structural elements.

The sale of our products is carried out both in standard configuration and with modified software for the needs of specific customers, taking into account their requirements and wishes.