Axial load monitoring system for air suspension

The AXISLOAD axial load monitoring system is designed to determine the axial overload of the vehicle and the total mass of the transported cargo with high accuracy.

The weight of the cargo and the load on the axles of the vehicle are determined via sensors installed in the pneumatic circuits of the vehicle, followed by data transmission to the control unit.

The weighing results are displayed in the AXISLOAD application, which can be installed on any Customer's device with the Android operating system. Communication between the control unit located under the vehicle body and the smartphone is carried out via Wi-Fi network data transmission.

Purpose of the AXISLOAD system

  • Axial overload control
  • Control of the total weight of the transported cargo
  • Recording data on all downloads to the internal memory of the system
  • Data transfer to external media and devices via RS-485 ports and CAN bus
  • Integration of the AXISLOAD system with WIALON monitoring systems
  • The possibility of combining the AXISLOAD system with WIALON systems, fuel level and tire pressure sensors for integrated monitoring of vehicle operation in real time

Scope of delivery of the on-board weighing system AXISLOAD

AXISLOAD Control Unit

All electronic components and the control board are located in a sealed enclosure. The input of the cable wiring is carried out through the sealed lead-ins. Communication between the control unit and the AXISLOAD application is carried out by means of an internal WI-FI network according to 802.11 b/g/n standards. The power supply of the control unit is carried out from the standard network of the vehicle 12...24V.

Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors for air suspension equipment are supplied with the system. The number of pressure sensors depends on the vehicle suspension configuration.

A set of cables and hardware

A set of cables with the necessary connectors and fasteners for easy and quick installation of the AXISLOAD system on almost any vehicle.

AXISLOAD Application

An application for configuring, monitoring and managing the AXISLOAD system. Simple and easy to learn and use.

Allows you to see the load on each axis of the vehicle, the total axial load of the axes group, informs about the excessive axial load and the total load of the vehicle, displays the presence and position of the lifting axis, displays information about the vehicle.

Integration of AXISLOAD with the GLONASS system

  • Vehicle track monitoring in real time
  • Monitoring of indicators of stops, parking, speed, mileage
  • Tracking of fuel consumption, refueling, drains, fuel residues
  • Control of axial loads and total vehicle load through the AXISLOAD module
  • Data monitoring from the CAN bus
  • Route optimization
  • Monitoring of drivers' work: summary, shift report Monitoring in geofences
  • Data monitoring from additional sensors: temperature, machine hours, fuel level sensors, tire pressure and temperature sensors.
  • Driving style monitoring
  • Video surveillance module
  • Module for planning, monitoring and accounting of maintenance costs Module for quality control of drivers' driving
  • Module for planning, distribution of applications, optimization of routes, as well as control of the delivery process
  • Module for downloading DDD files from a tachograph and analyzing data obtained from tachograph files
  • Integration with 1C
  • Dashboard
  • Messenger for the driver and dispatcher • Mobile Application

Advantages of GLONASS monitoring together with AXISLOAD


  • Exclusion of fines for axial overload at stationary and mobile weight control posts
  • Operational control of the total vehicle load
  • Control of working hours, work and rest modes
  • Speed control
  • Driving quality control
  • Mileage optimization Fuel consumption control
  • Planning and monitoring of compliance with routes
  • Monitoring of the location of the object and cargo
  • Exclusion of unauthorized voyages Exclusion of excessive tire wear and emergency situations


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