Onboard scales PROFILOAD - onboard weighing system

PROFILOAD is a modern on-board weighing system (on-board scales) for front-end, telescopic, forklift trucks, excavators, garbage trucks, cargo transport and quarry equipment.

This equipment is designed to measure the weight of goods in a bucket or on forks of various loading and delivery equipment, as well as to determine the axial loads and the total mass of cargo vehicles and quarry equipment.

In combination with an affordable price and wide functionality, the PROFILOAD on-board weighing system can become an inexpensive alternative to automobile and wagon scales.

PROFILOAD scales are included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments and are suitable for commercial accounting.

Main features

  • weighing in motion

  • the maximum measurement error is ± 0.1...1%

  • automatic summation

  • target loading mode dosing mode

Supply package of the on-board weighing system (on-board scales) PROFILOAD

PROFILOAD On-board Monitor

The body of the on-board monitor is made of durable steel, which eliminates possible mechanical damage to electronic components. Detachable connections protect electronic components from dust and moisture. The bright LCD display allows you to see the weighing results even in direct sunlight.

For ease of operation, a rigid swivel bracket is supplied with the monitor to fix the monitor in the cabin and select the optimal position for operation.

Main functions of the PROFILOAD on-board monitor

  • weighing in motion

  • displaying the current weight in the bucket

  • summing up the weighing results

  • target loading mode (loading to a specified mass)

  • filling mode (dosing)

  • pause mode

  • memorization of 20 types of products • storing 20 operators in memory

  • storing 100 clients in memory

  • continuous loading up to 15,000 tons

Loader boom position sensor

The loader boom position sensor and the response plate are made of durable steel.

The electronic components are located in a protective sealed housing that prevents dust and moisture from entering the instrument part of the position sensor.

Thanks to the robust housing and rigid metal rail, the instrument panel is protected from weather factors and damage due to ingress of solid rock.

Pressure sensors

Two pressure sensors are installed in the hydraulic system of the loader and measure the readings at the moment of lifting the boom in dynamic mode without stopping.

The sensor housing is made of durable stainless steel with sealed connections that prevent dust and moisture from entering the instrument part of the housing.

We offer to perform a full range of works on the installation and commissioning of the PROFILOAD on- board weighing system at your enterprise

Scope of application of on-board scales for machinery


On-board monitor

Pressure sensors

Position sensor