Weighing system, on-board scales for loader

The purpose of the PROFILOAD on-board weighing system, scales for the loader

The on-board weighing system (on-board scales) is designed to determine the weight of cargo lifted by a loader using various lifting mechanisms (bucket, fork, pneumatic grips, etc.) installed on various equipment with a hydraulic lifting system and for quarry equipment with an air suspension.

The determination of the cargo weight occurs as a result of the pressure conversion in the hydraulic system, its processing and conversion to the mass value in a fully automatic mode, without the participation of the equipment operator.

The equipment on which the PROFILOAD on-board weighing system is installed

  • Front loaders: scales for a front loader
  • Forklift trucks: scales for a forklift truck
  • Concrete mixers with self-loading
  • Quarry dump trucks: scales for quarry dump trucks
  • Loading and delivery machines
  • Telescopic loaders
  • Garbage trucks
  • Reachstackers

Areas of application of the PROFILOAD on-board weighing system

  • Coal industry
  • Stevedoring activities
  • Agriculture
  • Animal husbandry
  • Construction
  • Mining industry
  • Warehousing
  • Trading
  • Logistics

Standard scope of supply of scales for loaders

The PROFILOAD on-board weighing system consists of:

  1. On-board monitor – 1 pc
  2. Pressure sensors – 2 pcs
  3. Weighing zone sensor – 1 pc
  4. A set of cables and hardware
  5. Data sheets and technical documentation

The PROFILOAD on-board weighing system is included in the state register of measuring instruments of Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan, and is allowed for commercial accounting of shipped products.

On-board monitor

The body of the on-board monitor is made of durable aluminum, which eliminates possible mechanical damage to electronic components. Detachable connections protect electronic components from dust and moisture. The bright LCD display allows you to see the weighing results even in direct sunlight. For ease of operation, a rigid swivel bracket is supplied with the monitor to fix the monitor in the cabin and select the optimal position for operation.

Pressure sensors

Two pressure sensors are installed in the hydraulic system of the loader and measure the readings at the moment of lifting the boom in dynamic mode without stopping.
The sensor housing is made of durable stainless steel with sealed connections that prevent dust and moisture from entering the instrument part of the housing.

Weighing zone sensor

The weighing zone sensor and the response plate are made of solid steel. The electronic components are located in a protective sealed housing that prevents dust and moisture from entering the instrument part of the sensor.
Due to the robust housing and rigid metal rail, the instrument panel is protected from weather factors and damage due to ingress of solid rock.

Installation of an on-board weighing system

Pressure sensors are installed in the direct and reverse pressure line of the hydraulic system of the loader.
The weighing zone sensor is installed on the bucket lifting boom.
The on-board monitor is installed in the loader cab.

Additional features of the PROFILOAD weighing system

PROFILOAD on-board weighing system with PROFIGSM gsm modem for data transmission to PROFIONLINE online service and PROFIPRINT receipt printer.

Transferring data to your personal account allows you to control the shipment of materials anywhere in the world where there is Internet access, and printing receipts directly in the loader cab allows you to automate the process of shipping and tracking of materials on the spot. Also, the PROFILOAD weighing system is easily integrated into the operation of various monitoring and dispatching systems at enterprises, such as Wialon, Omnicomm and with other Glonass systems.

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