Weighing system, scales for the excavator

Modern on-board weighing system for wheeled and tracked excavators. Maximum simplicity and low price combined with modern weighing technologies make the PROFILOAD weighing system an indispensable tool for solving the main tasks related to weighing and tracking of materials. The PROFILOAD on-board device is equally suitable both for preventing transport overload and for tracking for materials at enterprises of various industries.

The system consists of an on-board PROFILOAD monitor installed in the excavator cabin, forward and reverse pressure sensors and contactless sensors for the position of the excavator boom. Our company has been producing PROFILOAD on-board weighing systems for various equipment for more than 7 years, successfully operated at many enterprises of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. It is important to us that the systems are as reliable and durable as possible, with strict compliance with the declared metrological characteristics. The system allows you to measure the weight of the load in the bucket of the excavator in dynamic mode without any stops in the operation of equipment and additional loss of loading time.

Main functions of the PROFILOAD on-board monitor

  • weighing in dynamics
  • pause mode
  • Menu in Russian
  • aluminum sealed impact-resistant weighing terminal housing
  • displaying the current weight in the bucket
  • summing up the weighing results
  • target loading mode (loading to a specified mass)
  • memorization of 20 types of products
  • storing 20 operators in memory
  • storing 100 clients in memory
  • continuous loading up to 15,000 tons
  • no structural changes are made to the hydraulic system during installation
  • user-friendly interface
  • entering and editing the list of goods and counterparties

Additional features of the PROFILOAD weighing system

PROFILOAD on-board weighing system with PROFIGSM gsm modem for data transmission to PROFIONLINE online service and PROFIPRINT receipt printer.

Transferring data to your personal account allows you to control the shipment of materials anywhere in the world where there is Internet access, and printing receipts directly in the loader cab allows you to automate the process of shipping and tracking of materials on the spot. Also, the PROFILOAD weighing system is easily integrated into the operation of various monitoring and dispatching systems at enterprises, such as Wialon, Omnicomm and with other Glonass systems.

About us

PROMTECHCIFRA LLC is a developer and manufacturer of PROFILOAD and AXISLOAD software and hardware systems.

Our staff is a group of engineers, developers and programmers, enthusiasts of their business, ready to create unique hardware and software systems.

The mission of our company is to create unique solutions in the field of monitoring the operation of freight transport and special equipment.

We carry out a full cycle of production of software and hardware systems developed by us, from writing software to designing and assembling hardware.

Since 2015, we have been implementing software and hardware systems manufactured by us on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan.